BMS is the specialist in the cruising catamaran : maintenance, maintenance and repair, yacht management, follow-up of project, follow-up of building site

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The ideal is to be able to sail without having to worry about maintaining the boat, dealing with technical problems and all the logistics involved in life at sea! And that's what BMS offers. BMS specialises in providing regular maintenance, refit, monitoring yards and services for yachts and super yachts.

Situated in Canet en Roussillon, BMS offers you full support and provides all the services you need for trouble-free, unrestricted sailing. To do this, we base our activity on the following key values:

- Flexibility
- Availability
- A relationship based on trust
- Reactivity and respect for deadlines
- Carefully selected service providers

BMS is concerned to offer a high-quality service and aims to act as a special partner to your sailing activities, staying in close touch with you and your boat at all times, whatever the situation.

• History :

A company based on expertise

The company was started by two enthusiasts with sound experience in pleasure sailing and building prestige boats.
Pascal Cantiran has worked as skipper/tuner on behalf of famous yards where he is responsible for the Boat Delivery Service to customers. Denis Ranjard is a "hands-on" man. His experience as a Purchasing Director has allowed him to acquire a good reputation and a knowledge of a long list of suppliers specialising in the boating world.


BMS was born from this combination of skills and now offers an expertise and accompaniment that is largely recognised in the boating world.

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